I work with home owners, builders, developers, and businesses, to transform
spaces into beautiful, nurturing, and meaningful environments.

Heather Manning-144

Hi I'm Heather!

Since founding my business, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with several architectural and design firms as well as a few very special residential clients.  I am passionate about getting to know my clients, their families, or their organizations and developing concepts that support them in all aspects of their day to day lives.  Whether it is laying out a supremely efficient floor plan; or sourcing the perfect furniture, I am in my element!   Concept development, schematic design, furniture & fixture selection, lighting specification, and pulling together all materials and finishes in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing manner are all in a day’s work.  I am also involved in the less glamorous but equally important ‘behind the scenes work’ of procurement and coordinating all that is needed to get your project completed!

What makes me unique? With a background in the Environmental Sciences (BSc. University of Waterloo), I am a bit of a science nerd. And, YES there IS a science to design! Consider the physics behind sound and acoustics, the body’s need for natural light to support circadian rhythm, the vibration of colour and how it affects mood, the biology of biomimicry and how we can borrow from nature’s designs to create biophilic environments that support wellness… My love of nature and understanding of the human impact on our ecological systems left a great impression on me during those years. It provided a strong foundation for earning my Bachelor of Interior Design (Conestoga College) where I realized that designers have the potential to make an enormous impact on their clients’ health and wellbeing, and even on that of our planet.

A good designer has not only the knowledge but also the responsibility to provide options and the accompanying rationale for their clients to make informed selections with ease. It is a responsibility I don’t take lightly so for those who are looking for this added layer of consideration, I can help! With an innate spirit of interconnectedness, I am continuously exploring ways to creatively weave natural elements and responsible specification into spaces as a reminder of how integrated we are with the natural world around us.

What unique opportunities have influenced me?  Extensive travel and living in Germany for a decade have broadened my perspective in ways I could have never imagined.  Initially unable to speak the language.  I learned to listen and to observe, to be patient with myself and with others, to ask questions, and to not assume.  I discovered that much can be expressed without words.

Design is visual communication that is all about expression.  It is a matter of the heart and of the soul, a feeling sometimes difficult to put into words.  Good design provides subtle cues to encourage or discourage almost any human behaviour.  It influences how we feel and even how energy flows.  It expresses who we are and how we feel without saying a word – and it can make our hearts sing!  It is so powerful that it is deserving of our attention.

When I consider the countless museums I have visited and the streets where I have wandered about in awe of architectural details that are less commonly found here in Canada, it reminds me of how blessed I have been to have had these experiences. I cannot un-see these things or forget how they made me feel.  I draw from them both consciously and subconsciously, not always being able to identify what influenced an idea or why something feels intuitively right. One thing I do know is that these great artists and architects & designers (especially those such as Gaudi who went against all conventions) inspire me to develop my craft, and practice doing what I love in ways that I hope will serve others well.

It is a privilege to guide clients through this process of transformation. It is my belief that your space is your space, and it is most thoroughly enjoyed when it is a reflection of who you are and what is meaningful to you. The best measure of success is not only a beautifully crafted interior environment but when a trusting relationship emerges through the process. Your heart knows best what sparks joy within – my role is to draw it out of you, pull it all together and make it happen!

Are you ready?  I’d love to hear from you personally to establish a meaningful connection and to learn how I may support you with your project!  Let’s book some time together.




+VG Interior Design Award


Mayhew 2nd Year Studio Corporate Design Scholarship


IIDEX Multi-Disciplinary Student Design Charrette – 1st Place


What clients are saying...

Heather is passionate and extremely knowledgeable with regards to creating highly efficient and effective working spaces. I learned how often overlooked areas like corridors and after meeting cool down areas could be designed to spark additional conversation or improve collaboration as a few examples. We've benefited greatly from her contributions and would not hesitate to work with her again in the future.

Flavio Gomes | Executive Chairman - LogiSense

Heather is one of those rare interior designers who has an intuitive ability to understand their client’s needs combined with world-class artistic creativity to deliver an eye-catching solution. Hardly a day goes by when people don't stop by our office to admire her creation.

Kashif Kahn | Co-Founder - Motion Gestures

Heather guided Flowt K-W through all our key design decisions, all the while respectfully listening to our vision and our aesthetic philosophy and honouring the work of our branding strategist at the same time. Her suggestions showed thorough understanding, broad research, and out-of-the box thinking that was exciting and that challenged us where we needed to be challenged. The final result was far beyond our expectations. Client's come in and feel immediately at ease in the space that Heather designed. It's obvious that they feel at home. We receive compliments daily, thanks to Heather's great work.

Mark Okkema | Co-Founder - Flowt Lab Corp.