Basement Renovation

This basement renovation was required to upgrade a 1940's wartime 1.5 story home while also increasing the usable square footage without adding to the footprint. The existing conditions of the basement were unlivable. Water damage had been covered up by a quick fix cosmetic update that never got to the route of the problem. Photos show images from the original listing of the home, the renovation process, and the final result.

The entire space was demolished and cleaned up, including asbestos remediation, and sealing of foundation cracks. Rather than address the water issues with major exterior excavation an interior French drain was installed along with interior waterproofing, insulation and a floating floor.

The design intent was to protect the living space in the basement from potential flooding due to increasing climate change related storm surge. Electrical was completely rewired (which allowed for the ceiling to be raised slightly) and room made on the electric panel for the floor heating as well as for an exterior generator outlet in case of power outage. Fixtures were placed on 3 different switches to be able to control zones for lighting and all lighting was dimmable for optimum comfort.

The vision for the room was to provide a studio space for one of the adult children while they attended university. With a new staircase going down into the basement and a proper second entrance, the space was later used as an AirBnB to generate additional income for the homeowner once that child moved out.

To create a legal bedroom with proper egress a new window was installed in the living area. The sleeping area was not separated with doors thus meeting the building code requirements. This also made it possible to position a queen size bed in the space with access to both sides of the bed. An existing cold room was insulated and repurposed into a generous sized closet. Barn door style doors with opaque glass were used to allow more natural light into the space as well as to save space.

This project was successful in that it remedied existing conditions, created more usable space for a student that would have otherwise had to rent away from home, later generated income as and AirBnB and ultimately increased the value of the home when it sold 4 years later.





Kitchener, Ontario




EagleView Construction

  • YEAR : 2017
  • LOCATION : Kitchener, Ontario
  • CATEGORY : Residential
  • COLLABORATION : EagleView Construction