Creating beautiful, nurturing, meaningful environments that inspire wellness and evoke joy!

Whether you are a homeowner looking to transform your residence into a place that nurtures and inspires; a builder looking for that WOW factor that interior detailing can bring; or you are the CEO of an organization looking to attract and retain your best customers and employees… I am your valued partner in bringing your vision to reality.

Understanding you and getting to the root of your design requirements and budget is my passion. Who are you as a person, as an organization? What is needed in your physical space, and why? As your designer, together we explore these fundamental questions (and many more!) as the basis for creating spaces that uniquely reflect and support who you are and what you desire to become.

It is a privilege to guide clients through this process of transformation. It is my belief that your space is your space, and it is most thoroughly enjoyed when it is a reflection of who you are and what is meaningful to you. The best measure of success is not only a beautifully crafted interior environment but when a trusting relationship emerges through the process. Your heart knows best what sparks joy within – my role is to draw it out of you, pull it all together and make it happen!  Are you ready?  Let’s book some time together.



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What clients are saying...

Firefly Interiors was able to help us formulate a plan that matched our needs, while providing options we could not have imagined by ourselves. The flexibility to iterate on plans and rework our ideas as they evolved was excellent.

Adam Howatson | CEO - LogiSense

Heather was very diplomatic in how she was able to take into consideration input from multiple members of upper level management. She definitely has an eye for what looks and feels good! We really appreciated her returning to the site after project completion to fine tune the details and ensure everything came together as originally intended.

Victor Savtchouk | Sr Business Development - Brock Solutions

We highly recommend Heather, as she is professional, on-time and on-budget. From start to finish it has always been a very pleasant experience.

Heidi Polzl, Primus Realty and Project Management

Heather is one of those rare interior designers who has an intuitive ability to understand their client’s needs combined with world-class artistic creativity to deliver an eye-catching solution. Hardly a day goes by when people don't stop by our office to admire her creation.

Kashif Kahn | Co-Founder - Motion Gestures